5 Ways T-Shirt Printing Can Help Your Business

T-shirt printing

When it comes to promoting your business, there is a multitude of different ways you can go about getting your brand out into the world. T-shirt printing is one of the most effective ways to virally market a brand if done in the right way.

Alongside regular branding promotions, you are able to not only satisfy your super fans by making them feel connected to your brand, but you can also reach other customers by exposing your brand to the public through your t-shirt design.

The online market for original t-shirt sales online is a rapidly growing market to with $441 million in revenue produced in 2017 with those figures expecting to grow way into 2022.

To help you understand how T-shirt printing can help your business, we’ve put together this article of our five favorite ways to promote your brand.

Let’s get to it!

1. They Are Inexpensive to Produce

The exact costs o your t-shirt printing will depend on a lot of different factors, but generally, they are a fairly low-cost solution to create. If you have the right printing technique down and you have the garments ready to go, the costs can be surprisingly low.

The rise of digital printing has greatly reduced the cost of producing T-shirts for your business as part of promotional material. The percentage of earnings from T-shirt sales are well over 50%, compared to 1% for staff costs.

We hear screen prints are one of the most popular and cheap solutions available right now.

2. They Are a Familiar Type of Promotional Material

A T-shirt is a marketer’s best friend. Whether you are at a shop, an event or roaming the streets at night, nothing quite promotes a brand as well as a T-shirt.

Everybody wears T-shirts, ever since the 60’s they’ve become a staple of almost every person wardrobe. Some other out-the-box marketing solutions may seem smart and clever, but if you have to explain to your audience how to use it every time, it’ll probably get lost in the wardrobe.

Have you ever had to explain to someone how to use a T-shirt?

3. Well Designed T-Shirts Are Incredibly Popular

People love to see well-designed T-shirts. When you hand out well designed branded T-shirts to your audience, it often increases their perception of you as a company.

If you manage to get a design that people love you can even make money from selling your brands T-shirts and promote your company at the same time.

4. T-Shirts Help to Increase Brand Loyalty

Simply put, when people see your brand more often, they love you more. By getting your brand out into the world with t-shirts, you’re increasing your exposure.

That increases your brand impact and loyalty.

5. T-Shirts Never Go out of Fashion, They’re Trend Proof

What’s the best thing about T-shirts? They never go out of fashion. Unlike fidget spinners, yo-yo’s and other branded merchandise you can muster up, the T-shirt has been a staple of the American wardrobe since the 60’s.

That means that even after you’ve forgotten all about the T-shirts you printed, they can still appear again, and continue adding brand value.

Why Not Brand Your own T-Shirts?

If you want to get started with your own brand of T-shirts, you can check out our portfolio of amazing designs.