A Personal Touch: 5 Ways to Bring Local Spirit to Your High End Boutique

high end boutique

In the age of Amazon, it’s refreshing to go into a boutique and see items that are unique and not mass produced.

Luckily for boutiques, only 7 percent of people in a survey said that they like to exclusively shop online. 62 percent of the people surveyed said that one of the reasons they would prefer to shop in a real store is so they can feel, see, and touch the item they’re considering buying.

It’s still no secret that a high-end boutique needs to pack a punch when competing with online retailers. Here’s how.

5 Ways to Bring Spirit to Your High-End Boutique

You’ve got great products, and you want people to see them. Bring some local flair to your store, and draw people in.

Get Custom Merchandise

Your high-end boutique is great, and you know it. Why shouldn’t you flaunt it?

By getting promotional merchandise, you’re letting people market for you, for free. Cool promotional merchandise will help create a buzz about your shop, and have people want to come in and see what the hype is about.

Help a Charity

Millennials have a lot of spending power, and they’re also huge on buying from areas that will donate to a local charity.

To make your boutique shine, you can feature unique products that will help out a local charity. Got a particular Wichita charity that you love? Start selling something where some of the proceeds will help their cause.

Unique to You

You don’t need brand names to make your store complete. The more customized your brand is to you, the more people will be able to recognize your personal style.

People know that just because a pair of pants have a brand name label doesn’t necessarily mean they are worth 200 dollars. Bring in local brands, and they will be worth more because of the community aspect.

Allow Customization

Letting people have a customized experience when they come into your boutique is something no online store can offer in the same way.

You can monogram sweaters, do calligraphy – anything that you have a particular skill in that you can offer to customers so that they know that your store has a local flavor.

Talk to Them

Customer service is a thing that doesn’t exist anywhere else than brick and mortar stores.

When a customer comes in, be ready to engage with them and have a conversation not only about your goods, but about the area around you. Sometimes people want to speak to a local if they’re visiting to see if they can guide them to the best spots around town.

Once you’ve taken the time to have a conversation with your customer, they’ll be more inclined to stay a while and shop around.

Long Live Brick and Mortar

Your high-end boutique can and will survive the internet age.

Keep looking for new and creative ways to attract new business. When you’re keeping up with the times, you’ll have something to offer that the internet doesn’t. And that’s what will keep people coming back.