Boosting Your Business with Custom Embroidery

By April 2, 2019Embroidery

Do you want your business to stand out in a crowd with extraordinary custom graphics?  Choose embroidery customization today!  It adds remarkable value at a cost-effective price.  Below we have listed the reasons why embroidery will enhance your brand and increase a company’s profit.

1.) Embroider on Everything!

You can embroider on all your workwear, giveaway swag or product lines.  This can include jackets, polos, pants, hats, visors, beanies, backpacks, aprons and more!  Your logo will be produced consistently from product to product to stay within your branding guidelines.  Click here to see our apparel catalogs for the product you can customize.

Also, having your logo embroidered will increase your business’s visibility in public.  If you add your contact information, such as phone number, email, or website address, this will increase your accessibility.  Now a potential customer can contact you right away, and your team can lead them in the right direction to lock in the sale.

Plus, when you embroider on all your workwear, this will increase your employee’s and manager’s identifiability.  When clients come into your business or customer’s reach your doors and need assistance, they will know exactly who to talk to.  Customized uniforms make it easier for your team to shine and help your business grow.

2.) High-Quality Perception

Embroidery may be pricier than Screen Printing, Vinyl Transfers, or Heat Press, but if you are representing a brand that you want to have perceived as high quality and reputable, then embroidery is the way to go.  It will give you that superior appearance that will set you apart from any competitor, and it will make you look like the more desirable business option.

Embroidery isn’t a customization choice that everyone can invest in. If you decide on embroidery, it will set your company apart from all the others, and it will make your workwear and merchandise look more professional.  This investment will increase your customer base and sales.  It will also give your employees a business that they can stand behind and be proud of.

3.) Large or Small – We can do it all

Embroidery is also an excellent choice because you can produce small or large quantities without incurring price increases.  Once your company logo has been digitized, there is no digitizing fee again unlike screen printing or promotional products.  Logo Depot will keep your file in our database to re-use whenever you are ready to have your items customized.

Just in case you weren’t quite sure what digitizing is, it is when we take the image of your logo and convert it into a digital stitch file using an embroidery editing program.  Then our embroidery machines will read that file and sew your logo onto the products of your choice.  Before your logo can be embroidered on your apparel, it must be digitized.

4.) More Color Options

Do you need more than 1-2 colors in your logo design and are on a budget?  Then choose embroidery as your customization option.  Logo Depot does not charge extra for adding different thread colors to your design.  Our embroidery pricing is determined only by the stitch count and the size of your logo.  Therefore you can use up to 12 different thread colors at once to sew out your logo.  We also have a very large selection of colors to choose from, but if we don’t have a specific color you need, we can custom order thread colors for you!  Unfortunately, we will have to charge for the thread to be delivered to Logo Depot.

5.) Durability

Embroidery is also extremely durable and will last for years through numerous washings.  Also, the color of the thread will not gradually fade.  It will stay as bright as the day you received it from Logo Depot.  It is more common for another type of customization to wear out before embroidery will, which is why embroidery is very cost-effective.

Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start?  Contact us today, and let Logo Depot help your business stand out from the crowd and boost profits with cost-effective custom embroidery. You can also check out several logos that we embroidered in the past in our portfolio gallery.  Click here to see!