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E-Commerce Website: #1 Solution for Ordering Customized Apparel for Your Employees

Across the country, thousands of companies big and small rely on customized apparel to give their employees a cohesive look. However, it can be a daunting task to ensure the process goes smoothly from start to finish. Confusing order forms can make matters even worse, and details often get lost in the shuffle. Luckily, there’s an easy way to manage your customized apparel needs, and you don’t need a degree in computer science to understand it. Here’s everything you need to know about setting up an e-commerce store for your company.

What is an e-commerce store?

Think of an e-commerce store as the order form of the 21st century. With an e-commerce store, office managers don’t need to spend precious time and energy corralling everyone’s order information and money. Instead, employees go directly to the e-commerce site to order uniforms and company apparel. Once there, they can see the available options, get sizing information, and make their order, all from one place. The site keeps tabs on who orders what, and at the same time handles shipping and payment options.

Benefits of opening an e-commerce store for your company

An e-commerce store takes the stress and responsibility of custom apparel off of your office manager. These sites are easy to create, operate and can be maintained indefinitely, so your store is always there when you need it. Whether a large number of employees need apparel or a single new hire needs a uniform, an e-commerce site offers more flexibility than a form, and ensures that vital information doesn’t end up lost or left out. Employees can log in on their own time, and you can input employee stipends to limit overspending. Delivery options are also easy: you can pick up merchandise right from Logo Depot, have it delivered directly to employees, or have your entire order shipped to your office.

The types of sites we create

At logo depot, we use three different website platforms for building our customer’s e-commerce sites. Each platform has its own unique advantages:

AGPe Site

AGPe is the workhorse of e-commerce sites. It has a sturdy foundation of features, including easy tallying and customer email confirmation. Inexpensive to maintain, AGPe sites handle large group orders with ease.


Sage sites are known for their superior look and feel. This professional-looking e-commerce site also has login password capabilities for buyers as well as tab grouping and promo code options.


For companies who appreciate the simplicity and the ability to streamline, SanMar should be a top consideration. This type of e-commerce site launches quickly and provides an easy, no-frills shopping experience.

How to Get Started

E-commerce sites are a fantastic tool that makes it easier than ever for companies to connect employees with the personalized merchandise they love. At Logo Depot, it’s quick and stress-free to get your own site up and running.

Interested in setting up an e-commerce site for your company? Get started here.