6 Creative Embroidered Accessories to Attract New Business

By March 15, 2018Embroidery
embroidered accessories

Promotional products date back as far as 1789 when commemorative buttons were used to elect George Washington. If you own a business, you can’t afford to ignore this avenue for building brand awareness.

Keep reading for some great ideas to creatively build your brand with embroidered accessories.

Caps and Beanies

How many times have you seen someone wearing a great cap or beanie and took note of that cool embroidered patch on the front?

Caps have a particular appeal to men since they wear them to sporting events or when they’re out fishing and golfing. Many men even collect logo caps.

Fifty-five percent of customers had previously done business with a company before receiving a promotional product.

After receiving a promotional product from that same business, the number skyrockets to 85% of people doing business with the company! You can’t afford to be without promotional products in your marketing toolbox.

Knitted beanies look great with your embroidered logo on the front. Beanies are a popular fashion accessory worn even when the temperatures are warm. They’re an affordable way to get your name in front of the customer.

Embroidered accessories are an easy and affordable way to get your logo in front of a plethora of potential customers.

Plush Robes

Do you own a hotel? You know those great plush robes you have hanging on the back of the door for your guests to use when they step out of the shower?

What better place to use embroidered accessories than on the front pocket of the robe?

When the guest leaves, if you gift them with that robe, they’ll be wearing your logo for years to come. Family, friends, and unexpected folks at the front door will see that logo!


Everyone takes a warm blanket to the cold game, right? What if your embroidered logo adorned the corner?

Blankets are brought to picnics, sporting events, and the beach making them high-visibility items and a great give away for your logo.

Your customers will keep these blankets for years, and many potential customers will see your logo time and time again.

Towels and Sports Towels

Blankets, scarves, and hats are great, but how do you get your logo in front of someone who lives in warm weather and never uses warm apparel and accessories?

How about a beach towel with your logo embroidered boldly across the middle? A great beach towel becomes a favorite that gets used again and again for years ensuring that your customer sees your name and associates it with a wonderful experience.

When you gift someone with a great promotional item, you’ll get up to 500% more referrals from the happy recipient than you would if you hadn’t given that gift.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are another great warm-weather gift for your customers. Polo shirts are acceptable golf-course attire, thus make a fantastic vehicle for your embroidered logo.

Shirts are long-lasting, and a favorite shirt is worn for many years. That gift you give your customer turns them into a walking advertisement for your business making it a great investment for you!

Ready for Some Embroidered Accessories?

If you’re ready to invest in your business with some customer giveaways, head on over and check out our great embroidered accessories that are sure to fit the bill!