How to Tell When Your Marketing Materials Are Out of Date

By May 12, 2019Marketing
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Like all things in life, marketing materials have an expiration date. But unlike that four-week-old milk in your fridge, it can be tough to tell when your marketing is starting to get old and stinky.

So how is a business supposed to know when their marketing materials have overstayed their welcome? Luckily, there are a few tell-tale signs that can help you determine if your look and feel could use a makeover.

Here are a few ways to tell if your branding could use an update:

1. Your marketing fails to tell your story

Marketing materials, from logos and outdoor signage to the simple promotional pen, are made to communicate a message to potential customers. If that message fails to adapt as your business changes, it could actually be doing your company a disservice instead of helping it grow.

We at Logo Depot experienced this phenomenon not too long ago. Our company got its start as the Industrial Uniform Company in 1938 by providing manufactured uniforms and promotional items to our customers with superior customer service. As the years went by, our customers’ needs changed, so our business changed, too. Fewer and fewer companies needed uniforms, opting for more casual t-shirts and polos customized with customized branding.

So, we decided to change our name and logo to better reflect our new business of providing embroidery, screen printing, and affordable branding services. The transition from Industrial Uniform Company to Logo Depot reinvigorated our message and realigned our branding with our business model, demonstrating to our customers that we walk the talk when it comes to effective logos and graphic design.

Does your current branding tell your story?  If not, it’s easier than ever to create the marketing materials you need to differentiate your company and relay your message to your target audience. Because if your communication is on-brand and relevant to your customers, they will continue to support your business long-term.

2. You Have Logo Envy

Do you ever find yourself longing for a new logo like that hip coffee shop across the street? If yes, you may be suffering from logo envy. With more and more businesses popping up, it’s hard to resist unfair comparisons when it comes to branding, even when businesses are apples to oranges.

If your logo fails to inspire you and you find yourself longing for something new and different, it may be time to update your company’s look.

Getting a new logo doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process, either. A simple logo update shows your customers that you care about their experience. If your current logo is starting to feel lackluster, Logo Depot is here to help. Check out our logo services here, and start inspiring logo envy instead of suffering from it.

3. Your Message Is Inconsistent

Do you have several iterations of the same marketing materials? Many business owners feel pressured to prolong the life of their marketing materials and refuse to throw out old versions. What’s so bad about using previous generations of signage or company t-shirts from five years ago?

While frugal in theory, this practice allows inconsistent branding to flourish. In marketing, an inconsistent message may be worse than no message at all, and thanks to digital marketing, this practice is more common than ever before.

Websites are easy to update, which means your print marketing and signage can get left far behind. When a customer interacts with your brand on the web, they expect a similar experience in-person. If your in-real-life business looks out of date, it creates mixed messages in the mind of the consumer and thus a poor customer experience.

Fortunately, keeping your print materials up-to-date is easier and less expensive than ever. At Logo Depot, we can help you create a consistent brand feel across all mediums, with crystal-clear prints and sharp renderings that will leave you, your employees, and your customers feeling good.

3 Simple Ways to Update Your Branding

If your marketing materials are no longer up to the task, there are a few simple tweaks that can help you modernize. Here are three simple ways to keep your marketing materials up-to-date.

Know What’s On-Trend

In order to keep up with the new standards of design, it’s important to understand the new trends that are driving marketing forward. This is where the design gurus at Logo Depot shine. Our graphic designers have years of industry experience and can deliver on-trend logo designs that incorporate minimalism, gradients, geometric patterns, and more.

Need help with a branding refresh? Logo Depot’s graphic design services are a quick and easy way to modernize your look.

Rethink Your Promotional Tools

While a free t-shirt still holds its own weight, the world of promotional products has made huge strides to go above and beyond what it once was.

Logo Depot lets you access millions of products so you can customize your promotions for the best customer experience. Clever, relevant promotions make a positive impact on consumers. Now you can say something sweet about your brand with branded candy and mints. Or, you can promote the security of your product or service with a branded lock. There are infinite ways to engage with your customers, and they’ll appreciate smart marketing.

See It in Print

From the outside of your business to the point of sale, print marketing materials are still one of the best values when it comes to impressions for your dollar. However, it’s important that these materials stay consistent with your overall brand experience.

The best way to update your print materials is to find a printer who has the technology and the bandwidth to cover all of your needs. At Logo Depot, we have a Wide Format Printing system that delivers everything from stickers to vehicle signage. The sky is the limit when it comes to print, so give us a call today to see how we can make your brand come to life.

Wrapping It Up

While there is no expiration date printed on your marketing materials, it is important to reflect on their purpose and think about the message each piece is delivering to your customers. By keeping your materials updated and fresh, you can provide a seamless experience to customers old and new, and inspire a positive experience with your brand that will boost sales in the future.

Logo Depot is ready to help your company with smart and effective logo and promotional tools. Contact us today to get started.