The Top 3 Best Promotional Products for Trade Shows

best promotional products

In a way, the Oscars are a trade show for the movie industry. The nominees receive some of the best promotional products you can imagine with an alleged $100,000 of gifts. Included in the haul in 2018 were edible jewelry, vacation packages, and locally grown oranges.

Getting the most out of your trade show investment includes deciding on the best promotional products for you.

Read on for the top 3 best promotional products for trade shows.

1. Reusable Water Bottles

In every type of workplace from the factory floor to the upscale office, people are more conscious about keeping hydrated. At the same time, the single-use water bottle is an ecological problem that also getting more publicity. A reusable water bottle, with your logo, addresses both these issue neatly.

Providing attendees to the Trade Show and especially visitors to your stand with a convenient and refreshing drink can bring people to your stand in droves. Attending a trade show can be thirsty work. It also encourages them to linger while they sip.

These green credentials also help create a positive perception of your brand. The bottle has a long lifespan and sells your brand after the show sitting on your potential customers’ desks and carried in their bags.

2. Breath Mints

Meeting people at trade shows involves lots of face to face conversations. These social situations can make people somewhat self-conscious about their breath. Breath mints are a great way of making potential customers feel comfortable and happy to chat.

A branded box means every time your attendee has a mint or shares one, they see your logo. Give each person two boxes and suggest they keep one in their car. This makes them a longer lasting and yet inexpensive promotional product.

3. Reusable Tote

Everybody at a trade show is given lots of things to take away including brochures and promotional goodies. Attendees need somewhere to put them. A branded reusable tote or bag meets this need.

A tote provides a large area for a logo or promotional message and is highly visible. The reusable nature of the bag means that it is more environmentally friendly than the single-use plastic carrier bag and has a long life promoting your brand after the trade show.

Many people now use reusable bags for grocery shopping, handy extra bags when traveling or for carrying a packed lunch. Keep your brand visible where ever the bag is used.

Choosing the Best Promotional Products

There are so many promotional products to choose from deciding what is the best promotional product for you isn’t easy. These suggestions meet a real need experienced by your potential customers. This tells them you are interested in meeting their needs and builds confidence in you as a potential supplier.

The best promotional products say you care about your customers and have a life beyond the trade show. They also carry your logo or message effectively and are good value for money.

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