The Top Promotional Trends of 2018

Promotional Product Trends 2018

The most frequent questions we get here at Logo Depot from customers are “What’s Hot?” and “What’s New?”. Very often those two questions come with the same answer as generally what is hot, is also new and trending.

And it makes sense when you pause and think about it. Customers want to be relevant and up to date. You want people to look at you as experts in your field, so you want to give them something that appeals to them and that will be useful and something that they will hang on to. After all, when is the last time you tossed out something that had value to you? So what’s hot and what’s new is what tends to attract customer’s eyes when they’re at a trade show or when you’re giving them a gift. They’re more likely to remember it and remember who it came from if it’s something they see as high value.

Go Bold or Go Home

The trend that we’re seeing throughout all categories is breaking into that brighter, bolder pattern in apparel, in drinkware, in power banks, in tote bags. We’re really seeing a shift back away from classic colors. Those are still there because they’re still corporate and they’re still relevant. But the trendy, hip new colors are the vibrant pinks, vibrant blues, and vibrant purples. We’re really seeing a shift toward the brighter colors. We’re also seeing textures become increasingly popular such as wood and metal finishes.

One of the main places to look for trends is in the retail market. If you look at what people are buying in the stores now the technologies are similar. So the vacuum bottles that you see in the stores–there are options like that in the promotional products market.

Anything Wireless

If you can think of a wireless gadget, odds are it will perform fairly well in terms of forming a connection with your brand, especially if you’re trying to connect with millennials. Tech items have been hot the last few years and we continue to see them grow in popularity. You may have considered cell phone cases, but what about a Bluetooth speaker with your logo on it or how about custom headphones? They’re both seriously cool and surprisingly affordable.

The people that are younger today are going to be employees in a few years so watching what they’re doing what they’re wanting, where they’re going with things is going to give you a good idea of what is going to be popular in the next couple of years. They’re the ones setting the trends, especially in apparel items. What they’re wearing to work, that is changing drastically.

And don’t overlook the younger workforce of today. Millennials are now the largest generation in the United States labor force. Looking at what your younger customers are using and wanting, that’s a good way to gauge what is really popular in the marketplace right now.

Wellness Products

More companies than ever are working on ways to promote a healthier lifestyle, not only for their employees but customers as well. It makes great business sense when you consider the increased productivity and lower costs, not to mention employees love feeling valued.

This trend presents an amazing opportunity for businesses to offer items as giveaways, rewards or just corporate gifts. These could be anything from water bottles to fitness trackers, but you can also get creative with it—how about a salad bowl?

We hope this gives you a starting point for finding inspiration for your next campaign, event or even gift. If you need even more ideas, be sure to check out our product catalog where you can browse millions of products. Feel free to also reach out to us for a free consultation if you need recommendations for your specific needs.