Top 6 Promotional Items to Help Grow Your Business

best promotional items

Did you know promotional items have the highest advertising recall over any other form of advertising? That is right. 45 percent of people of people use a promotional item daily, and 58 percent of them keep the best promotional items for one to four years.

Promotional products create a lasting recognition for your business. If you want to promote your brand and boost your sales, you should include this mode of advertising in your strategy.

As you brand these items, be sure to include important details, such as your logo, location, and contacts.

Read on for insight on the best promotional products.

1. Mugs and Water Bottles

Do you deal in drinks? Custom mugs are the promotional product you should be giving your customers.

Be it manufacturing or retail (restaurants), custom-made drinkware will push sales. The trick is to make your drinkware unique, conspicuous, and durable. Do bold colors and give some thought to the design.

For fitness centers, branded water bottles work best. After an intense fitness session, your members will need to hydrate. Promotional water bottles will do the trick because bottles are a must-have item for many gym goers.

2. Pens

Even in this digital era, we still inevitably use paper. In fact, Americans use over 9 billion tons of paper every year.

And where this is a paper, there must be a pen, right?

Pens make the best promotional items because we need to handwrite notes, sign documents and so forth. Businesses that deal in stationery are best placed to use branded pens as promotional items, though just about any business can work them into their strategy.

3. Flash Disks

If you deal with gadgets, custom flash disks will serve your business well.

With flash disks, go for quality. It will be annoying to give out malfunctioning flash drives to your clients. You will lose their trust, and consequently their business.

Invest in the best flash disks, get them nicely branded, and your clients will keep coming back for more, because who doesn’t need to access their digital files on the go?

4. Screen Printed T-shirts

Unlike pens, t-shirts give you enough space to advertise your brand. You can go on and add your business logo and more detail about your business.

Make the t-shirts stylish. This way, your clients will be comfortable wearing them anytime, and actually feel like they are part of your brand.

5. Stress Balls

At any given time, about 77 percent of Americans experience some form of stress. This fact makes stress balls one of the best promotional items to give out, because the simple act of squeezing the ball eases your mind.

If your business deals with sports or fitness equipment or you run a wellness center, stress balls will work best as promotional items.


6. Power Banks

As much as we love our smartphones, it’s hard not to hate their dumb batteries. They drain so fast.

Enter power banks, the gadgets that enable us to store charge and juice up our phones at any time. This makes them a hot promotional item among many companies, especially those in the tech industry.

With power banks, go for the best quality, sleek design, and a high capacity.

Get the Best Promotional Items Branded!

Now that you know the best promotional products around, the next task is to have your business name and colors on them!

That’s where we come in.

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