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What is the Try-On Process at Logo Depot?

At Logo Depot, customers come to our facilities thinking that we are a retail clothing store that does customization, where they will be able to get a feel for all of the apparel that we offer. Unfortunately, that is not quite the case. There are too many styles, colors, and sizes for us to keep in stock at our location. Now you might ask, “Why would you purchase something if you don’t quite know what you’re getting?” and here is where Logo Depot has some great solutions that our competitors don’t.

Try on Process

If you already know what color or style you want, or maybe your employer or school only gives you a certain number of options to choose from, we do offer the opportunity to try on any clothes before we decorate the item. You will go ahead with your order. Let’s say you want a Sport-Tek ® Ladies Tri-Blend Wicking Polo in the colors of black and grey, but you’re unsure if you’re a size medium or large. Go ahead, complete and pay for your order with your best guess on sizing and let our team know you want to try on the shirt. Depending on how you order, you can do this over the phone, e-mail, or a drop-down menu on your employer/school’s online web-store. We’ll let you know when the item has arrived, and you can come down to try on your apparel.  

Once the item has arrived at Logo Depot, you can come in to try it on. Our hours are from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. 

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When you walk in our front entrance, let our team know your first and last name and that you’re here to try on. We will have your garments already in our try-on room, and you can see if they fit correctly. If the item fits, we’ll proceed with the order and get your garment decorated with your desired design. If it does not fit, we can either have you try on a new size by ordering it again or if you’re confident that another size will fit, we can send the item straight to customization once we receive the new one in.

Picking a Style of Apparel.

If you’re unsure of what style of apparel you’re looking for and aren’t quite ready to order and try on, we also have some options for you. Although we aren’t a store, we do have a showroom. Even though our selection is limited, you will be able to see some of the different styles we offer and see how they feel. We also have apparel color swatch books that you can take a look at to compare the colors that our vendors offer.   

We also stock several catalogs for you to look at, but we probably won’t have a physical shirt for you to touch. If you want to be prepared, it’s always good to have an idea of the item number that you want. The item numbers are prominently displayed on the vendor’s websites or in the catalogs. If you have a shirt that you like and you want to order, the item number is found either on the neck tag or a tag on the left inside seam of the garment. If you’re having trouble deciding between a few styles, we would be happy to order in a few samples to help you decide.

Logo Depot aims to make you experience the best it possibly can be and to make your brand stand out above the rest. Contact us today for a free customization quote by clicking here!