Why You Should Always Choose Local Screen Printing and Embroidery

Need to order custom screen printing or embroidery for your business, team, or event and wondering if you should choose a local or online/national printer? While the digital revolution may have changed the way we shop forever, some tasks are much more safely and skillfully done close to home…and, in our opinion (and we’re not alone in this) ordering customized products from a local printer/embroiderer is almost always the better choice — from cost to quality.

Here are some of the top reasons to shop local when you need custom screen printing and embroidery.

Local Printers Let You Touch and See What You’re Ordering
If you want to ensure you’re ordering quality products, order from a local printer. By working with a local printer, you get to stop in and make sure you are getting the right products ordered. You can touch the products and determine, in person, if a fabric is too lightweight, too heavy, or too scratchy — and make changes accordingly.

Local Screen Printers Understand You
Doing business locally, especially for a custom order, can make your life easier. After all, you’re in the same time zone, you can stop by the shop and touch and see the products and samples, you can pick up the order in person, and you can meet with the team in person to discuss any concerns you may have.

Local Printers Can Rush Orders
Need to get some shirts screen printed…fast? If you try an online order, it will be exceedingly hard to find a printer who can get your shirts done quickly and for an affordable price. Local printers, however, are used to rush orders and can accommodate your needs without charging you an arm and a leg.

Local Printers are More Affordable
If you’re seeing online ads for national companies, those national companies are paying for you to see them or, rather, their customers are. Local screen printers tend to rely on word-of-mouth and the reputation they have built over the years. The bigger the company, the more turnover and overhead they have — and the more they have to charge their customers to stay afloat. Additionally, shipping costs can be massive, whereas local pickup is free.

Local Printers Don’t Come with Major Delivery Headaches
A major difference between choosing a local or online screen printer is how you receive your order. Not only is shipping heavy orders extremely expensive, but shipping problems happen. If you need the products you paid for, you don’t want delays, lost shipments, damaged goods, and so on. Don’t get stuck with an order you paid for and no goods to show for it. Though you may eventually get reimbursed, that reimbursement won’t help when you show up for your event empty-handed.

Local Printers Don’t Outsource Their Work
We’ve heard horror stories of online orders that look, feel, and are cheap. Many online printers and embroiderers are just middlemen who use a variety of different overseas and domestic suppliers — and, frankly, the quality just isn’t there. When you work with a local printer such as us here in Wichita, you can ensure that your order stays in-house and there is total quality control, from start to finish.

Local Printers Provide Better Customer Service
Maybe you know someone who ordered from an online printer because it was the middle of the night and they just wanted to get the order in. For them, everything worked out ok. That’s great — however, if a problem pops up, how does it get resolved?

When you can’t see the products in person, can’t call your shop to discuss issues, or can’t meet with a manager face-to-face, you’re risking not being able to fix an issue should one arise (and issues are more likely to arise with an online printer due to quality and communication issues). Further, if you do have an issue, you won’t be working with a printer who can do a rush job and get the issue fixed in time for your event.

Local Printers are Better for the Environment
Online and national printers often ship orders from far distances; local printers print in-house.  When you choose to order from a local printer, you can reduce your carbon footprint by cutting back on all of the things that go along with distance shipping, from fuel to excess packaging to gas emissions.

Local Printers Contribute to the Community
Supporting local businesses is not just good practice, it’s good for your local community and its economy. Supporting local businesses leads to more jobs that can support more local businesses.

Online Companies Use Local Printers, So Why Shouldn’t You?
Believe it or not, many online companies just use local printers to do orders for them. That’s right: you may pay a national printer to get your order ready — and that national printer will go to a local printer. You end up paying the upcharges, shipping, and advertising but you don’t get the personalized customer service and quality control.

To sum up, online shopping may have revolutionized much of our daily lives and the way we do business…but when it comes to services such as customized printing and embroidery, the Internet can’t beat bricks-and-mortar. If you are looking for a local printer or embroiderer in the Great Wichita area, we are proud of Logo Depot’s longstanding reputation as a leading provider of quality printed and embroidered promotional items. If you’d like great prices alongside stellar customer service, give us a call.