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Wichita Graphic Design & Branding Services: What We Offer

By September 26, 2019Graphic Design, Marketing

Here at Logo Depot, we understand that your company’s image — from the business card you distribute to the smile with which you answer your phone — really matters. After all, we are a business ourselves: Logo Depot offers full-service commercial services in embroidery, screen-printing, promotional products and design for businesses throughout Wichita, including the surrounding communities of Andover, Derby, Goddard, and Newton in Kansas. As we are a business specializing in promotional products, apparel and design throughout metro Wichita, we really understand the power of image and promotions to drive sales and create brand awareness.

At Logo Depot, we are proud to offer local businesses like yours the full services of our expert design team — and no, you don’t need to order promotional materials in order to get professional-quality design through us.

What is graphic design? In the modern business world, it’s a way to distinguish your business and your brand from the rest. You can see examples of graphic design all around you: business cards are designed, t-shirts with prints are designed, and even the credits that roll at the end of a movie are designed. In the business world, design is far-reaching: business cards, stationery and letterhead, flyers and brochures, event signs, and more. Most business materials have one big thing in common: the business’s logo.

Your business’s logo is a visual symbol that signifies your entire organization. Capturing what your organization or company does, what its values are, and who it serves…in a small print area is no small task. When you do it right, however, you can use your logo to gain brand recognition, stand out from the crowd, and ensure consistency — from your website to your promotional t-shirts.

At Logo Depot, we understand that not every Kansas business needs the same promotional and design services from us. For any company that wants to leave a lasting impression with customers (and potential customers), our design services are here to help (and to transform). We can help you capitalize on your customer’s very first impression of your company (your website, for example) with a great logo and great design to match it; from there, we can assist with design for your paper products, your social media posts, and more.

Your graphics, your logo, and your artwork matter.

Your business has a story to tell, and your graphics are an important part of helping you tell your business’s story. Regardless of whether you are a mega-chain with stores across the country or a local plumber, you can use the power of graphics to quickly and easily convey key points, such as: what you do, who your customers are, how friendly you are, how fast you are, to establish trust…and the list goes on and on.

Because telling a compelling, and consistent, visual story is so crucial to your company’s health and success, the work we do here at Logo Depot isn’t just about printing promotional items (although we do a great job with that). We can help you with your artwork and branding — even if you aren’t ordering actual customized promotional products from us.  We offer all of our design services to both our new and existing customers alike.  Here’s a peek of what we have been up to – click here.

Take a look at some of the graphic design services we’re proud to offer customers in the Wichita metro area:

Let us help you brand your business. Every visual/aesthetic decision you make for your business should be deliberate and in-line with your company’s overall branding strategy. Whether it’s what color to paint your office, or which accent color you should choose for those business cards, branding helps you keep your company’s image consistent (and recognizable). There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to branding for your business, but, in general, you will want a cohesive and consistent brand image for your business.

To achieve this, you need to decide upon colors, fonts, types of images, and the overall ‘feel’ that you want your business to have when it’s out in the world and customers are coming across it.

Logo Artwork
We’d love to create the logo you really want…or to help you take your existing one to the next level. Your logo says so much about your company … so much, in fact, that it’s often described as the face of your company. After all, it’s the first thing many people notice about your business. If a customer forms an opinion about a company in seconds…well…that means your logo has some serious cache.

A logo that has been well-considered, and professionally designed, is a way to tell your customers (new and current) that your company is trustworthy, professional, and quality.

Rework Graphics
Want to overhaul or repurpose some of your graphics and artwork? We can help. Many companies are dealing with outdated graphics that no longer look modern, professional, or stand out. If you’ve been in business for some time, it’s possible that you have some outdated graphics (such as old flyers, for example) that need a bit of an overhaul.

Even if your graphics aren’t outdated, you may have artwork you simply want to repurpose for something else (for example, a design that worked great for a company event could be repurposed for another reason!

Digital Artwork (for example, for social media or websites)
Need graphics and artwork for your online marketing? With so much of today’s business taking place online, from marketing to information, to actual sales, it only makes sense that you need a digital artwork to effectively promote your business. Our team of professional designers can expertly help you to create powerful digital graphics for all of your social media campaigns and website needs.

Designs for Paper Products

You’ve seen it before too many times to count: paper products easily get lost in the shuffle…unless they’re designed and branded. We’ll help you make sure your paper products stand out in a crowd and help to add, to your company’s overall branding strategy.

Investing in your company’s brand image is a worthwhile use of your marketing dollars. For all the dollars that go into even a small business’s marketing budgets, some of the most valuable ones are the ones spent on promotional materials? 45 % of folks use a promo item (such as a pen or hat) every day; 58 % of folks keep the best promo items for years (on average, between one and four years). Clearly, promotional items have some serious staying power.  Though promotional items maybe what we are best known for, you can’t get branded promo items without first having a great design, eye-catching logos, and graphics artwork that stands out.

Logo Depot has, on staff, full-time experienced graphic designers that can lead you in the best direction to help market your business — whether it’s online, in print, or both. Give us a call, email us, or send a smoke signal today. We look forward to talking with you about how we can help your Wichita-area company stand out with some great graphics.