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How to dramatically increase your sales with Display Graphics and Signage.

Here at Logo Depot, we have just purchased our very first Wide Format Printing system to assist with our client’s advertising needs!  This device will help promote your company’s brand awareness and effectively market your product or service to your target audience.  With an output of up to 64” in width, our printer can create top of the line outdoor banners, window signage, complex graphics for vehicles and other displays that your company needs.

Our new printing system includes an HP Latex Printer, Laminator and Cutting Plotter, which provides the utmost in quality products.  This printer offers the best in versatility with its long-lasting latex printing inks to provide graphics with a long life that are scratch resistant.  It also has exceptional quality printing at high speeds to increase production and avoid wait time.  These prints will come out completely dry and ready to finish and deliver.

The type of items we can recreate are endless –

  • Vinyl Graphics for Apparel, Bags, and Caps
  • Point of Purchase Displays
  • Outdoor & Event Banners
  • Print & Cut Graphics for Windows
  • Floor Graphics
  • Vehicle Signage
  • Backlit Displays
  • Framed Wall Textiles
  • Stickers, Labels and Wall Decals

Why is Display Graphics and Signage important for your business?

Utilizing advertising to promote your business is a great way to bring attention to your service or product such as social media, TV commercials, magazine ads, and direct mail.  These methods are all excellent, but taking advantage of Display Graphics and Signage can help you grab crucial sales that you may have been missing.  There are numerous advantages to point of purchase displays, outdoor event banners, window graphics, vehicle signage and more that beat other marketing efforts.

If you pay close attention to your community, you will notice that display graphics and signage are used everywhere and get more attention for the money.  This type of marketing is cost-efficient because you only need to pay for the signage once and with durable equipment, inks, and materials, these products will last for years.  In addition, a large sign across your establishment is going to receive a lot more exposure than a small flyer inside your window.  Logo Depot can print any length up to 64” wide and with customizable sizing options, you can get the most return on your on investment.

Also if you want to make a lasting impression on your audience and stand out in a crowd, purchase Display Graphics and Signage.  Our Display Graphics and Signage system is proficient in generating vibrant graphics on different types of paper such as glossy, semi-gloss and matte, but it can also go the extra mile.  This system can print on almost anything such as weatherproof poster paper, perforated window vinyl, mesh banner material, different fabrics, PVC rigid signs, coroplast, flexible magnet substrates and more!

How can businesses take advantage of Display Graphics and Signage?

First, we need to emphasize the outside of your business and to do that we can begin with some banners and large stand up displays.  With our customizable printing options, we can make these as massive as you want.  These can be used for special events, festivals, grand openings, seasonal specials and so much more!

After you’ve grabbed your customer’s attention, we need them to swagger through the front door with their wallets.  To do that, we can adhere vinyl window graphics to the outside or your business such as windows, doors, and walls.  Why not show your new customers images of how happy your product/service is making other people or letting them know the specials you are currently offering.  Also, don’t worry about these graphics being permanent.  They can be taken down at your convenience and easily replaced when you need them to be.

Next, when the customer enters the store, which they will, we need something to put on your walls and floors.  Now let’s put some graphic decals and posters up and make your store welcoming and lively.  Also, if you’re feeling adventurous we can install floor graphics to help your customer navigate through your business or we can set up point of purchase floor ads at specific locations.  All of these graphics are easy to remove and will not leave a sticky residue when you replace them.

Lastly, when the customer is done with their excellent shopping experience, you’re going to want to have some point of purchase displays by the checkout areas to make sure you leave a lasting impression for when they are exiting the store.  All of this advertising will help you catch the sales that escaped before and increase your revenue.

We want to make your brand shine!

Logo Depot understands how overwhelming it may be to figure out what exactly you need for your business because we offer so many options, so we are here to assist you to find the best solution for your space.  Come in today and tour our facility or call one of our sales representatives at 316.616.1175.

Also, check out below for more detailed descriptions of some of the Display Graphics and Signage we offer.  If you need something done that is not on the list below, please ask!  We are more than willing to accommodate your needs with our excellent customer service.

Vinyl Graphics for Apparel, Bags, and Caps

What do we need?  Vinyl Graphics!  What do we need them on?  Everything!  Here at Logo Depot, we can put vinyl graphics on just about anything to promote your business such as clothing, bags, caps, ceramics, wood and more.  Vinyl graphics are printed on sheets of material that we place on your item and heat press to adhere on.  This will make the graphic an everlasting part of your promotional piece.  We can make these prints your digital logo in full color and cut them in any shape or size.

Point of Purchase Displays

A point-of-purchase display is advertising placed next to the merchandise it is promoting.  These items are located at points in the store where the purchase decision is being made such as the checkout area.  These displays highlight the product and draw the customer’s attention to it.  Items with point of purchase displays will always outsell products without one.  These displays can take the form of posters that can be mounted on walls or shelves.  This type of signage can be used to keep a customer in the store and interested when a salesperson cannot get to them.

Outdoor & Event Banners

Do you have a city-wide event or festival coming up?  Are you starting a new business with a grand opening?  If your answer is yes to either of these questions, you need new banners or flags to get the public’s attention and increase the awareness of your brand.  One of the best ways to raise awareness is being visible.  You can catch the attention of hundreds of people passing by with just one banner.  They can reach a huge demographic and everyone can see them.

Our banners can be hung on a wide array of locations including fences, walls, sides of buildings, light poles and more.  We stitch the perimeters of our banners and grommet them for easy hanging.  Plus our durable long-lasting inks are scratch proof and won’t fade in the sunlight.

Print & Cut Graphics for Window Decals

Window decals are a phenomenal way to attract customers to your business.  Bright, impressive graphics are extremely influential and very budget-friendly.  These decals are graphics that can be placed on windows and stick because of their adhesive backing. They have a lower tac adhesive so they can adjust on the window as needed but once the decal’s adhesive kicks in it will stay there.  Having a lower tac adhesive makes it so they are easy to take down and replace.  We can also do any size as big as building windows or small enough for your vehicle window.  We will also cut any shape that you need.

Floor Graphics

Feeling adventurous?  Logo Depot can print and install floor graphics with ease.  These graphics can be put on any surface, repositioned and used over and over again.  They are slip resistant and resilient to scratches.  We wouldn’t want traffic congestion to ruin them.  Also, these graphics will stay in place, but come off without that sticky residue.

In addition, floor graphics are a terrific method to help your customer navigate through their shopping experience.  They can help explain store events, increase brand awareness or be used to highlight special sales.  We can also set up point of purchase floor ads at specific locations when a salesperson can’t get to them.  This will give the customer the information they need without all the wait time.  These advertisements will help you get those lost sales and lead to happier customers.

Vehicle Signage

This is basically a digitally printed mobile billboard for your vehicle that will help you grow visibility wherever you drive.  You will constantly be getting hundreds of views on your brand every day.  The signage also helps build a relationship with your customer-base to gain trust and loyalty.  Having a well-branded vehicle will demonstrate to a customer that you are serious and well established.

Through vehicle signage, we offer several options such as magnetic car signs, vinyl graphics or a custom vehicle wrap.  Logo Depot prints all of their signage in full color with eye-catching graphics on heavy-duty vinyl.

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