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Your Complete Guide to Ordering Custom Embroidered Caps for Your Business

embroidered caps

Creating and ordering custom embroidered caps for your business can be a unique challenge. Essentially you are faced with the task of designing a product that strongly resembles your brand. If you have absolutely no clue of how to order custom embroidered caps, then get ready to receive an intricate, complete guide on how to do so.

As you will find out, a lot of consideration goes into creating effective promotional products for your business. This guide will inform you of how you can produce embroidered caps that complement your business.

Different Cap Styles

Before you get into in-depth detail on designing your own embroidered caps, you’ll first have to select its style. Here are a few major styles to choose from to spark your unique inspiration.


mesh cap

These hats are styled with a distinctive mesh pattern. Usually, mesh hats are distinguished as “trucker hats”, but the trend has started to become commonplace in recent years.


structured cap

Structured and unstructured hats normally are viewed as similar. However, there is a clear dichotomy between the two styles. Structured hats are particularly composed of more stiff and fitted fabric.


unstructured caps

Unstructured hats are usually made of softer and floppier material than structured hats, making them a popular option for most target audiences.

Now that you have the opportunity to select your style, it’s now time to move on to choosing your fabric.

Various Fabric Design Types

To put things into perspective, it’s great to view your cap’s fabric as a blank canvas. Essentially, your fabric is what opens up the doors to your creative juices. Therefore, you have to select a fabric you’re comfortable with. With a wide array of fabric types to choose one, your ultimate decision shouldn’t be difficult.

To give you a clear depiction of your available options, here are three of the most popular fabrics to get an idea of what’s optimal for your customers.


pigment dyed caps

This fabric is the most popular among traditional customers. Pigment-Dyed is very soft and resembles a unique “washed-out” look.

Garment Washed 

garment washed capsSimilar to pigment dyed fabric, garment washed fabric has a soft appearance. For example, the color black will appear to be a faded, soft gray.

Brushed Cotton Twill

cotton twillUnlike the other fabrics, brushed cotton twill gives you the colors you ask for. Therefore, if you want black, you’ll get a solid black color for your cap.

After your fabric has been selected, it’s now time to decorate your custom embroidered cap.

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate!

Now, you have reached the fun part in your journey to create custom embroidered caps for your business. Customizing your caps with your distinctive design all depends on your particular preference, but there are some things you should be aware of.

To get you started, here are the most popular embroidered caps typically ordered by customers.

  • Flat Embroidery – This type of embroidery is used on most promotional custom caps. Typically, flat embroidery is used to display small amounts of information (ex. “EST – 1995”). Flat embroidery possesses no internal padding, hence earning the term, “flat”.
  • 3D Embroidery – This is a popular option among customers. 3D Embroidery incorporates internal padding to give texts or logos a 3D appearance, which is commonly used to elicit decorative attention.
  • Sewn Eyelets – Caps that contain sewn eyelets allows wearers to receive air through the air, reducing sweat and excess heat.
  • Personal Labels – If you want to communicate lengthy information more discreetly, you can use personal labels inside of the cap to display website information, addresses, etc.
  • Slide & Tuck Closures – Some customers prefer slide and tuck buckle closures, but most slide towards velcro closures, which are easier to use.

Now What?

After you are done designing your custom caps, the next part is actually ordering them for your customers. If you have any questions about the ordering process that entails custom embroidered caps, we’d prefer you to speak to our team of customer support specialists.

Please call us at (316) 616-1175 for more information regarding our promotional products, how you can order, pricing, etc.