Catch Their Eye: Five Advantages to Display Graphics & Signage

wide format printing

Digital advertising might be on the rise, but print marketing is far from dead. In fact, ad print is still the most popular type of outreach, trusted by 82% of internet users.

When you’re looking to grow your brand presence, a standard printer is adept at helping you create datasheets, marketing slicks, and brochures.

Yet, there are some jobs only suitable for Display Graphics & Signage.

When you want to stand out from the crowd, attract the attention of passersby and get your name noticed, a large-scale layout is ideal.

Today, we’re sharing five ways your business can benefit from this service. Ready to learn more? Let’s go!

1. Uses are Endless

Outdoor banners might be the first application you think of when you consider working with a Display Graphics & Signage company. Yet, these machines enable you to do much more.

You can also create exceptional window decals, vehicle graphics, floor graphics, point-of-purchase displays, and myriad other signs up to 65-inches wide for your marketing campaign. In short, your imagination is your only limit.

2. Graphics are Top-Quality

Our Display Graphics & Signage solution is comprised of an HP latex printer, laminator and cutting plotter. The inks are long-lasting and the graphics are scratch-resistant.

You can select from among different types of paper to use including glossy, semi-gloss and matte.

Feeling creative? We can also put your design on poster paper, window vinyl, coroplast, myriad fabrics, mesh banners and more.

3. It Offers a Whole-Store Experience

The key to finding and attracting loyal, repeat clients is to catch their eye once, then convince them to stick around by delivering a robust customer experience.

Display Graphics & Signage enables your company to do just that.

Vinyl window graphics pique their interest from outside your store, while the graphic decals and posters inside encourage them to stay awhile.

From floor graphics to strategic point-of-purchase sales ads, we’ll work with you to attract and retain your target audience.

4. Production is Quick

When you have a mission-critical marketing need, you don’t have time to wait on clunky standard printers.

The reality is that Display Graphics & Signage printers create outputs at a speed unmatched by a desktop model. This means you can scale production with ease and avoid costly downtime. When they’re finished, the prints come out dry and ready to use.

5. Solutions are Flexible

As your business grows, so too will your marketing needs. That said, a vinyl banner that works one year may need replacing by the next.

Easy to remove without leaving a residue, display graphics fit the bill. Adorn your walls and windows with a current promotion, then peel them off when it’s done, setting the stage for your next event.

Let Us Handle Your Wide Format Printing Needs

Are you ready to take your brand recognition to the next level? Do you want to create signs and displays as enormous as your potential?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer Display Graphics & Signage services designed to meet any business need. We’ll work with you to understand your vision, then deliver the quality print materials you need to outpace the competition.

Get started today by requesting a free quote. Let’s go big and bold together!