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Screen printing is known in the apparel industry for its superb quality. The last graphic tee you saw at retail was most likely screen printed. This is because screen printing allows for the reproduction of very fine detail even in quantities in the thousands while keeping costs relatively low.

Screen printing actually goes back thousands of years. Stencils were created from leaves and affixed to screens of human hair. Needless to say, we’ve come a long way since.

These days, screen printing is made possible by using a color separated mesh stencil. Each color is applied one at a time to the finished piece. Great care must be taken to ensure everything lines up correctly. After the ink is applied, each piece is placed in a dryer so that the ink may cure.

A plethora of different types of inks are available, and because just about any flat surface can be printed to, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Our experts will help provide guidance on which materials, colors, and inks will give you the perfect look you’re after.

Because the majority of the time involved in the screen printing process is actually in the setup (the actual printing is the quickest part), screen printing is really geared towards bulk printing. As a result, we do require a minimum of 12 pieces orders for our screen printing jobs.

Color Options

If you can dream it, we can screen print it. The difficult part is telling us what that color is. The best way to do this is to provide what is known as a PMS color. You can find this in a Pantone Color Swatch book (or stop by to take a gander through ours) and provide the corresponding color code.

We’re happy to provide recommendations on colors if you’re not sure exactly which colors are needed but we can’t guarantee the outcome. Every display is different so what you see on your screen may appear different when shown in our office.

What Type of Artwork Do You Need?

For best results, provided artwork should be in a vector format. No embedded images with all fonts outlined and saved in .ai, .eps, or .pdf file formats. Other formats may require the file to be rebuilt for the best printing result.

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