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Is Your Custom Apparel Store On Point?

– Logo Depot is Keeping it Real with Swag, Work Attire, and Uniforms

Are you a little salty from a difficult ordering process? Is the sheer volume of apparel, colors, and sizes causing you to have a meltdown? Ordering swag, work attire or uniforms for your business can be a headache if you don’t have any experience. There are a wide variety of variables to take into account. Where do I order, what am I ordering, what colors do I need, do they offer all the sizes I need, how am I going to get the apparel customized?

Here at Logo Depot, we want to make that process easy peasy, lemon squeezy for everyone. We want to create apparel web stores customized exactly with your needs in mind. Then it will be a fun, easy experience for outfitting your crew faster and on budget.

Loot Central Station for Events.

Do you need the ultimate merch for your school, fundraiser, town festival, concert or church? What about some sweet customized t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, hats, and more? At Logo Depot, we love helping clients bring what inspires them to life. We can easily set up an online apparel store for all your customized swag for functions and events. This type of website is excellent because you can funnel all your orders into one simple platform that keeps track of everything instead of creating individual order forms. These customized websites make it easier for everyone to choose exactly what they need with artwork on them.

Also at Logo Depot, we can distribute the merch anyway you want to your customers. We can bag individual orders separately and deliver to the director of the event or head coach. We can distribute them directly to the customer’s homes. Let us know what your hopes and dreams are and we will do the best to deliver. The price point is determined on how personable or custom you want your apparel store to be.  Your list of needs will be itemized, and all pricing will be disclosed up front before even starting the project so you get exactly what you are looking for.

Is Ordering Work Attire for Your Business a Little Crazy?

This web store is perfect for any type of business such as banks, auto dealerships, restaurants, aircraft industries, warehouses, supermarkets and more. The manager in charge of purchasing can limit the apparel selections and logo options for their team. This will make it so only those approved combinations will be allowed to be ordered. This will enhance a company’s brand and will eliminate combinations that we don’t want representing the company.

Also at Logo Depot, we can set up specific apparel, colors, sizes, and decoration options for you and your employees to choose from. Your online store will have reporting functions, payment methods and more depending on what you are looking for. You will choose from an array of apparel that includes shirts, jackets, aprons, hats, bags, and more. We have an enormous selection to choose from so the options are unlimited.

Also, each unique website will be designed to showcase the look of the company’s brand. On it, you can compare apparel and colors as well as having detailed product descriptions and sizing charts. If your company needs search filters, Logo Depot can create these for your shopping experience. You can search by pricing, fabrics, brands, or occupation.

If you need additional help with your purchases or have questions, you can always call one of our customer service representatives to assist you. Our phone number is 316.616.1175 or email us at customerservice@logodepotweb.com.

Finessing Your Apparel Store.

At Logo Depot, we are so extra we can also provide employees the ability to log in on their own accounts with their own apparel allowances that way there won’t be any details getting lost. The purchasing manager can set a fixed budget that their employees can order throughout a set amount of time.

Currently, we are the proud authorized provider for multiple clients across the nation. We have developed online ordering platforms specifically for their needs, which are easy and convenient to use. Each employee can have their own login and password to be able to place their orders. The website can track how long they have been a user and from what address location and department they work in. It also can include a detailed history of their orders: what they purchased, the amounts of garments, and prices.

Some of these businesses can also add specific notes on each product to tell the employee where they can wear each garment or what the garment specifically is for. For example, a regular undershirt with the company logo on it is only permitted for employees who do not enter the customer homes. Another example is Hi-Visibility Jackets have to be worn when working outside in high traffic areas. You can also designate specific colors for the employee’s departments that they work in.

Pick Logo Depot Today!

At Logo Depot, we strive to give you the best return on investment for your money spent. We want to ensure that you receive a custom website that is specially made to your business’s entity and goals. You won’t have to have design skills, and we will make the website look exactly as you want it. You get to decide the content, design, colors and how the page flows.

Let us show you our skills by contacting us today to set up an appointment to create your Online Apparel Store. The price point is determined on how personable or custom you want it.  Your list of needs will be itemized, and all pricing will be disclosed up front before even starting the project so you get exactly what you are looking for.


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